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Summer Revision - July & August 2020

Dear Parents / Carers & Students

Firstly, I hope you are enjoying the opening week of your summer break and that you are getting some quality time with your family and friends.  As I stated in my end of year address, it is important that as a school any plans we have ensure that gaps in learning due to individual experiences during Lockdown are identified swiftly and robust plans are put in place to help all our students.  To gain an accurate picture of the progress students have made we plan to hold assessment sessions within the first half term of our return in September.  The information gathered from these sessions will then be used to design future learning and catch up plans for all our students.

To help students prepare for these sessions we have designed a summer revision chart for all current year groups.  The information contained in this chart will be what the assessment students will carry out when they return.  These sessions are not to add stress to either student or parents / carers and how students go about revision over the summer is down to them with parental guidance.  As a school we would recommend a small and often approach so that no additional pressures are placed on students as we approach September.  Please remember these sessions are for identification and planning purposes so it is important that we know the gaps so that we can support your child.

The revision chart and additional information can be found in this section.  You will find all the information you need.   Should you want any further information or have questions please contact and we will endeavour to get back to you ASAP.

Further information regarding our “Catch Up” plans will be shared shortly as we continue to do all we can to ensure that the experiences of our students during Lockdown doesn’t prevent them achieving their significant potential.

I hope you continue to enjoy the summer break and I look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

T Myton