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Every Wednesday periods 5 and 6 all sixth form students will have Enrichment. To ensure that students are getting the most out of it, we are putting in place strands that students will commit to for one or more cycle (dependent on availability). An outline of the pathways can be found below, whilst the dates of the cycles will be as follows:

Cycle 1 - Sept-Nov;

Cycle 2- Nov-Dec

Cycle 3 - Jan-March

Cycle 4 - April-June

Cycle 5 - June-July.

Cycles 2 and 5 have been designed as shorter cycles to enable GCSE resit students to attend alternate enrichment pathways whilst they await their GCSE results. During these cycles, all other students will remain in their previous pathway but be preparing for an Enrichment Showcase which will take place on the last Wednesday of the cycle. Students will sign up for pathways at the start of the year via a Google Form.