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Assessment and Reporting Schedule

The purpose of the Assessment, Recording and Reporting (ARR) policy is to ensure that the achievement (this term combines attainment and progress) of all students at Shirley High School is tracked and monitored via a common assessment, recording and reporting system. This will enable student achievement, across their subjects, to be compared and analysed to identify and address causes for concern. In addition key data will be recorded on a centralised system managed by the School’s Examination and Data Manager. This will support the monitoring of all groups of students to assess their progress in line with targets set. All students are expected to achieve at least their DfE attainment 8 estimate. This is calculated from their English and Maths ‘fine’ points score at Key Stage 2 from entry in Year 7 (Lower School = Years 7 & 8) to the end of Year 11 (Upper School = Years 9 - 11). Sixth Form students will be expected to meet their ALPS (A Level Performance System) by the time they complete their courses.
It is fundamental to our ARR values that we are open and clear when making judgements about students’ achievement. We believe that students and parents/carers have an entitlement to assessment information through a precise, informative and understandable recording and reporting system. This information should tell students and parents/carers how progress is being monitored, what targets and support are required, what an individual’s attainment is and how comparable this is in relation to his or her peers.  To view the whole policy please click here.

The ARR Schedule is available below.