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Cultural Capital

What is Cultural Capital?

“Enriching Education to Further Futures”

Cultural Capital is defined as the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills. Attributes that a student can draw upon, which demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence; it is one of the key ingredients, which contributes to a student being successful in society, their career and the world of work. Cultural Capital promotes social mobility and success in our society regardless of background and starting point.

At Shirley High School we aim to construct a curriculum that is ambitious, broad and diverse designed to give all learners the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. We pride ourselves in our commitment to create well rounded global citizens and strive to provide students with access to the experiences and skills necessary to equip them for life. We work relentlessly to support and broaden our students’ aspirations by exposing them to a wide range of opportunities to succeed in life.

Here at Shirley High School we recognise that there are six keys areas that help contribute to a building a student’s cultural capital:

  • Personal development
  • Social development
  • Physical development
  • Spiritual development
  • Moral development
  • Cultural development.

Our curriculum and cultural capital provision map is designed to open up students’ minds to all possibilities.