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Dress Code (Sixth Form)


All Sixth Form students take a pride in their school and themselves, and should therefore look smart and presentable at all times. You should dress as though you were going to work in a formal environment.

This means:
Boys choose from:

  • Formal suit – jacket and trousers
  • Conventional, collared shirt – must be tucked in
  • Ties should be worn
  • Shoes – conventional, work orientated and comfortable (appropriate for a business environment)

Girls choose from:

  • Formal suit- jacket and trousers/dress/skirt
  • Trousers should be full length, skirts/dresses no more than 2 inches above the knee
  • Conventional blouse – short or long sleeved
  • Shoes – conventional, work orientated and comfortable (appropriate for a business environment)

We wish to encourage students to focus on their learning and so we would expect boys to be clean shaven or have a tidy beard, girls to exercise discretion when applying make-up and nail varnish and all jewellery worn by sixth formers to be discreet.

This code is in place so that you feel you are coming to the Sixth Form to work, and because you are setting an example to the rest of the school, which is formally dressed. You may need to bring in an appropriate change of clothes for certain subjects, e.g. Performing Arts, Sport, and Art.

ID badges are to be worn AT ALL TIMES. Lanyards will be provided.
Any loss will incur a £5 charge for replacement.


The following are NOT allowed:

  •  ‘Hoodies’ of any description, T-shirts or polo shirts, strappy tops or vests, exposing bare midriff, cleavage or chest
  • Extremes of style, for example, mini skirts (more than two inches above the knee)
  •  Cargo pants, army fatigues, shorts or cut-offs
  • Logos or slogans
  • Denim, sportswear / leisurewear, including velour and cotton jersey e.g. cotton jersey skirts/trousers
  • Extreme changes of hair colour or hairstyles, headgear, headscarves/bandanas (except for parentally confirmed religious or medical reasons)
  • Visible facial or body piercings (except earrings or a single nose stud) or tattoos
  • Hats are not to be worn inside the school buildings and coats are not to be worn in lessons
  • Inappropriate footwear such as Doc Marten boots, canvas shoes, trainers etc.

If you attend school dressed in what is judged to be an inappropriate manner, you will be sent home to change, thus wasting valuable learning time. On return you will be required to report back to the sixth form office.

The Senior Leadership Team shall be the final arbiter of what is appropriate.