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Shirley High School is a cashless school.  ParentPay is the system we use for making payments.  Please click on the link provided in this section to be taken to the Parentpay website. 

Once students have registered and started here at Shirley High School we do not accept any cash/cheques as a means of payment for visits / school trips / lunches / extra curricular activities which involve costs, etc.

The advantages of a cashless system are:

  • money cannot be lost or misused;
  • students travel to school without the need to carry cash;
  • peace of mind that money for school meals will be used to buy healthy food;  you will be able to check how much is spent each day and your child’s current balance.

Money can be added to your child’s account in two ways: 

  • online using ParentPay; 
  • and/or by cash with a PayPoint card (for school meals only) in any store displaying the PayPoint sign. Personalised log-in details will be issued during the first week of term.

At Shirley High School  our Cashless Catering system uses biometrics and pin codes to quickly identify each student. This helps to speed up the lunch service. Your consent is needed to scan your child’s fingers for biometric purposes and a consent form will be sent to you. The biometrics are collected by scanning each student’s fingers. The biometrics are stored only on our Cashless Catering system and are not available to any other system. They are not released to outside agencies and they are removed from our system when the student leaves the school.