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Staff MHWB

Improving our Mental Health and Wellbeing is our school’s number one priority this year. Here are some of the things that we currently do in school to support staff members:

  • Reduced report writing & amount of data drops;

  • Conducted a consultation on when staff prefer to work;

  • Reduced numbers of duties for staff to 1 per week;

  • Created MHWB working party;

  • 10 day October half term; 

  • Wellbeing Advent Calendar; 

  • Wellbeing Wednesday snacks;

  • Free Tea, coffee and milk in the staffroom;

  • Staff fund;

  • Positive Pink Fridays;

  • Centralised red card detentions; 

  • On Call system to support behaviour management;

We have made some great strides forward, but we know that there is still work to do. Our dedicated Mental Health Working Party meets the first Wednesday of the month to discuss our current provision and what we can do to improve it. If you are interested in joining please email Mr Cotton:

If you need support or know of another member of staff that needs support, please email . A trained Mental Health First Aider will then be on hand to offer support.

We also have drop-ins available in Meeting Room 3 as follows:

When Who
Monday breaktime School Counsellor
Wednesday lunchtime Mental Health First Aider
Thursday break and lunchtime School Counsellor

Outside of school, we would recommend the following apps or services to support you


 Hub of HopeA website that outlines all mental health services available in your local area. Enter your postcode, select what support you would like and the app will outline all services available to you including, including location and contact number.


  Education Support - A Charity dedicated to supporting the MHWB of UK educational professionals. 


  Employee Assistance Programme - With our login (see Mrs Garcia) you can get telephone guidance on support you might need.